Liz & Pete

Have you ever had a moment where you can't help but to laugh or smile gazing at your beloved? Liz and Pete did that all day during their special day.  They spoke and communicated as any other couple would do, but they had another layer of communication occurring at the same time. They spoke the body language of "love." During the ceremony Liz bursts into a lovely laughter/smile without any predictable reason, except that they were standing face-to-face. During the videoshoot I asked Pete to give Liz a kiss on her chick and he did it in the most tender/sweet way.  For sure they know how to communicate with each other with words or without.


Liz & Pete  |  04.14.2016  |  Brooklyn, NY  | YWDS Highlights

Robin & Ron

A sunny day with a little breeze. It was a perfect spring day for a celebration for their union. The wedding took place at the Roundhouse, in Beacon, NY. During the ceremony both bride and groom read their own vows.  Their carefully selected words, contained promises that lays the foundation of their happiness for the days to come.  Ron finished his heart touching vow by saying: "I promise to share our adventures together.  I promise to be your friend, always.  I promise to take care of you. And most importantly, I promise to love and cherish you forever."  Ron articulated his feelings for her beautifully as they embark for a new beginning.

Robin & Ron  |  04.08.2017  |  Beacon, NY  | YWDS Highlights

Kimberly & Jay

Their wedding ceremony took place at the historical "Old Pine Street Church" in Philadelphia.  Jay saw the bride for the first time at the church standing on each end of the aisle, and Jay couldn't hide the joyful tears.  One of the memorable moments during the service was when Jay finished his vows and Kimberly immediately whispered "I love you."  Her spontaneous reaction was sincere and priceless. Another great moment was right after their first dance during reception.  Kimberly thanked Jay by bowing and Jay bursts into laughter. It was an inside joke, but didn't matter, because it was a beautiful moment.  By filming them for the day, I got to witness their love one another, it was truly touching and inspiring.  

KImberly & Jay  |  03.25.2016  |  Philadelphia, PA  |  YWDS Highlights

Sara & Rick 

It's always great to have friends around to share the happy & special moments. Sara and Rick did just that, they shared the happiest day of their lives with nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen.  Sara had so many helping hands and they shared laughers and tears together, and Rick played a match of touch football pre-ceremony with the boys and they shared several drinks through out the evening.  The highlight of their wedding for me was their first dance, they invited their two girls to join the dance, and it was truly a beautiful moment.

Sara & Rick  |  11.11.2016  |  YWDS Highlights

Ali & Ryan 

Festivity, Food & Fun! The wedding took place in Metropolitan Building in NYC, it was a perfect venue for them. The officiant, Ali's best friend, had the guests in tears with heartwarming and witty remarks about the bride and groom. Ryan, the chef and the groom cooked a delicious family style meal for the guests. Ali surprise Ryan by projecting the Chicago Cubs World Series game during reception on a big screen. Ali & Ryan's wedding day was a true representation of their personalities.  It was a timeless celebration of their union.

Ali & Ryan   |  10.30.2016  |  YWDS Highlights

Meghan & Jeff

The weather forecast predicted heavy rain on their wedding day. They had scheduled the "first look" to take place at Asbury Park, NJ, but on the day it was moved to a near by hotel lobby due to the rain.  We got there a little earlier to capture their entrance to the hotel. The rainy gloomy day didn't affect them. Their first look was one of the most memorable ones. I loved filming their untamed happy spirit. Rain or shine, it was a beautiful day.  

Meghan & Jeff  |  09.30.2016  |  YWDS Highlights

Lisa & James

It was a perfect autumn day.  It was cloudy in the morning as the bride and groom were getting ready, but as we were heading over to church for the ceremony the sky cleared up.  The traditional wedding ceremony look place in a beautiful Ukraine Catholic Church. One of the most memorable moments were seeing them during the first dance. They were singing along to the first song and telling one other how lucky they were to have found each other.  

Lisa & James  |  09.24.2016  |  YWDS Highlights


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