Compressing media files using Adobe Media Encoder 


  1. Open Media Encoder

  2. Select the first video files from MEDIA BROWSER Panel.

  3. Drag the file from Media BROWER to QUEUE Panel. the video file will be listed inside of the Panel box

  4. Select and drag H.264 - Match Course - Adaptive Medium Bitrate from SYSTEM PRESENT Panel.

  5. Drag and drop on the Media file. (Make sure the Preset column reads: Match Course - Adaptive Medium Bitrate)

  6. Now select all the video files from MEDIA BROWER Panel and drag it onto QUEUE panel.

  7. All video files should have Format: H.264. Preset: Match Course - Adaptive Medium Bitrate. Output File: Same as the folder where it originated from.

  8. Press the “Play” button to the top right corner.

  9. Once Compressed has finished. Goto the folder and sort by date. Compressed file should have “today’s date”

  10. Create a folder “camera name”- Compressed and drag all the compressed file into newly created folder.


  1. Repeat the same process as Media files, but select the following preset “Audio only” “MP3 256 kbps High Quality UPLOAD

  1. Sing onto dropbox com. e-mail: Password: totoro 이십이

  2. To go the year of the wedding ex: 2018, then create a folder with the date of the wedding (MMDD). ex: for April 14 wedding day use 0414

  3. Then Upload all compressed folders into newly created wedding date folder.