About YWDS

We are a boutique wedding film production specializing in documenting wedding day stories. We take on a great responsibility to film the bride and groom throughout the day in order to capture their interactions with the love ones and with one another.  

The smiles, joyful tears, happy laughters; the smallest and precious moments are captured along with your wedding day programs to collect the stories that unfold during your special day. 

In an effort to reflect your personality on your wedding film, our goal is to capture and edit your wedding day stories as genuinely and sincerely as possible. We document the day in cinematic visual style, then the footages are artfully edited to convey emotions felt throughout the day.

Your wedding day is a celebration of everlasting union between you and your fiancé. Realizing that your day is personal and intimate, we try to remain as discrete as possible while still collecting your wedding day stories.


About JB

James Bang is an award winning filmmaker skilled in all aspects of visual storytelling.  For the past ten years he has been working in the film/video industry, as editor, cinematographer, writer and director.  Now, he is applying his visual storytelling skills into Your Wedding Day Stories.